YA Fiction

Time in a Bottle: This contemporary YA novel  describes a family’s journey through the nightmare of teen alcoholism.


Gifted musician, Beth Frye, wants what we all want: to be accepted, maybe even cool. But entering high school is tough for a music geek like Beth. Things start looking up when she discover vodka. That stuff takes the edge off any problem: social, school, even performance anxiety. It gives her new friends, a gorgeous guy, and the chance to perform in New York. All her dreams are coming true, right?

Her twin, Teddy, puts up a good front, but he has his own issues. Perfect grades, super popular, talented athlete, the whole hunky package. But he’s all about taking care of Beth and it’s messing him up. He needs to get a life.

As Beth’s drinking gets worse, things get complicated. She ends up in the hospital, someone is stalking her, and that cop keeps hanging around. Beth doesn’t want help; she just wants what she wants.


Beth is a musician, a gifted pianist. How do we know what she sounds like? Check out this recording of a piece she performs early in the book, Piano Sonata composed by Elliott Carter:



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