Contemporary Fiction

A Case of Peaches: From the files of social worker June Hunter,  this novel takes us into a world known only to a few: lawyers, cops, social workers, and the kids they protect.

June is a brilliant professional who knows that that the legal ‘right thing’ isn’t always the right thing to do. Her recent case is Flora, a teenage orphan who accused her foster brother of abusing her.  In one day, Flora becomes homeless and “The Accused” in a nasty legal battle… and now it’s her word against that of the boy and his wealthy family.

June’s job is to support the terrified girl in court while she finds her a family, teach the girl to trust in new relationships, and help her develop a positive identity for the next stage of her life. Ironically, June must do the same thing for herself causing personal and professional to collide.



Channeling Socrates: The second book from the files of June Hunter, this novel tells us about the adopted adolescent boy, Tobias Hawk. Tobias begins exhibiting symptoms that the professionals suspect is mental illness. His adopted parents hope he is just attention seeking with his bizarre behavior. But others, including many of his teachers and his school classmates, believe Tobias is demonstrating a psychic phenomenon called ‘channeling’. June Hunter and her colleagues begin to wonder: Is the boy actually channeling history’s greateds philosopher, Socrates? June takes the case to determine the truth.


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