About June Hunter

June Hunter's Indian: red hot!

June Hunter’s Indian: red hot!

K. D. Tresemer offers stories “from the files of June Hunter”.  She takes us into a world known only to a few: lawyers, cops, social workers, and the kids they protect.


June Hunter is an amazing social worker who spends her days helping kids nobody else wants. Underneath that brilliant exterior, however, is the driven perfectionist who struggles with the system, her unstable future, and the knowledge that the legal ‘right thing’ isn’t always the right thing to do.

June’s personal life is an eerie mirror to those messed-up kids – she hardly trusts anybody, can’t stand change, and fears the unknown including her future with the gorgeous guy who loves her. June is at the peak of her career and has developed a reputation as an extraordinary advocate for the kids on her caseload. As often happens with such heroes, some cases touch her so deeply that they cause personal and professional to collide.


Flora is a teenage orphan who accused her foster brother of abusing her. In one day, Flora becomes homeless and “The Accused” in a nasty legal battle… and now it’s her word against that of the boy and his wealthy family. June’s job is to support the terrified girl in court while she finds her a family, teaches her to trust in new relationships, and helps her develop a positive identity for the next stage of her life.

irish-wolfhound-photo  Ironically, though, June must do the same thing for herself – after all, her most trusted relationship is with her dog, Tully. She tries to escape to the serenity of her rural cabin in the woods or, when that doesn’t work, by riding fast and far on her custom motorcycle. Her relationship with her lover Quinn should be an oasis, but even that leaves her anxious and pondering the pitfalls of a future together. 

Rosemary and Michael West are a couple with unusual resources and connections, and they want to adopt Flora. The girl’s first visit to the West home concludes with a so-called picnic, an extraordinary affair where Flora and the famous jazz singer, Keely Bruce, sing a duet together before the cream of local society. June begins to feel out of her league and out of control of her case.

Meanwhile, the court battle to prove Flora’s innocence gets ugly and June is confronted with the possibility that Flora has lied to them all.

If you like the realism of Laura Lippmann & the ethical twists of Jodi Picoult,

you will enjoy A Case Of Peaches.