About Kathleen

Kathleen PicMeet Kathleen Demmert Tresemer

Kathleen was born a middle child, one of two girls in a family of nine children. She was raised in Chicagoland, moving to rural Northern Illinois in her early twenties.

In the first half of her life, Tresemer worked with foster and adoptive children and the developmentally disabled, as well as working with elementary, high school, and college populations. She holds a Master’s of Science in Child & Youth Care Administration from Nova Southeastern University and a BA in Sociology from Northern Illinois University.

In her second half of life, Tresemer shifted gears to embrace a new career track: professional writing. She makes a living as a freelance writer and journalist. Her recent skills for hire include Marketing publications, editorial tasks, and writing website content with search engine optimization (SEO). To feed her soul, she pens fiction in the form of short stories and novels.

Currently, Tresemer lives in a rural wonderland with her cowboy husband, 3 horses, 2 dogs, assorted livestock, and 1 Harley-Davidson.